Raphael Silerio is from Ventura County, California. He presently lives in Los Angeles, drawn to the muse of the big city to inspire his art and culture. His background as a painter, with a bachelor’s degree in Illustration, influences his approach and talent as a stylist. With the ability to visualize and determine the proper cuts, lengths and styles that will complement every face shape and lifestyle. Raphael creates the visual accessory for modern women and men.

Blending classic haircuts and styles with a modern twist, gives his clients a sense of class and confidence. Raphael brings the necessary attention to discover and design a haircut that works for anyone that sits in his chair. The right haircut and style will not only give a client the confidence everyone desires, but it will also enhance their natural beautiful features that are sometimes hidden by the wrong haircut. Sharing the right products and a few quick “how-to” tips to clients is quite important to Raphael so clients are able to wash, style, and go without having to fuss over their hair. Youthful and Effortless hair are Rafael’s goals for every client.

Raphael enjoys spending time at the beach with his son. Family and the natural beauty of the ocean keep his lifestyle centered while creativity and artistic expression shape his career. His work has been featured in American Salon and in a variety of editorial shoots. For Raphael, hair is a passion and he views hair as a living breathing, 3-dimensional canvas with the ability to create shapes for everyone.

Bookings and Inquiries in Beverly Hills:

Phone: 310.724.8167
Email: info@ramireztran.com