Christine Silverman is a new generation trailblazing talent in the world of Hollywood hair color, blending an intuitive and personal aesthetic with formal training under world renowned celebrity colorist Lorri Goddard. Christine developed her sharp eye and sense of style studying painting and photography at the prestigious School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and brings that background into all her hair color creations. Specializing in what she dubs Bombshell Balayage, and Sun-kissed Shimmer California blondes, as well as near-miracle color corrections, brilliant redheads and rich brunettes, she has a rigorous attention to detail and an obsession for perfection. Through dedicated study and experimentation, she has developed a unique knack for unlocking the right formulas to achieve every individual’s most natural, yet dazzling, hair color dreams.

Bookings and Inquiries in Beverly Hills:

Phone: 310.724.8167