Thank you for your interest in booking with Johnny Ramirez. He is based in Los Angeles with appointments Wednesday through Saturday and travels once a month, alternating between NYC, San Francisco, Miami, Toronto, and Mexico City.

*Disclaimer: We would like to remind you that in one day Johnny Ramirez will be able to achieve your goal color, a process which usually takes months therefore please expect to be at the salon for 5+ hours during your appointments. As well, due to the process length, you will see 1 or more assistants during this time that will help prep your hair for Johnny Ramirez. These assistants are highly trained and overseen by Johnny during your entire process. If you have any issues with this or time constraints please contact us directly so that we may accommodate you: (310) 724-8167 or

Basic rates for Johnny Ramirez in salon are:
Los Angeles: $150 base color, highlights start at $450. New York, San Francisco, Miami, Toronto, Mexico City and Brazil$200 for base color, highlights starts at $500. *Rates vary depending on length of hair and depth of color.

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